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Introducing our oval Rainbow Trout Plate, the perfect gift for the angler in your life!


Each plate is meticulously crafted and delicately hand-painted by the talented artist Geoffrey L. Simpson, ensuring that every piece is unique and showcases the beauty of the rainbow trout. The attention to detail and artistic flair of Geoffrey's work make this plate a standout gift.


To preserve the artwork and ensure its longevity, each plate is carefully sealed. This sealing process helps protect the delicate hand-painted design, ensuring that it lasts for years to come.


Whether it's displayed on a wall or showcased on a tabletop, this hand-painted plate will be a cherished gift for any angler or fishing enthusiast.



Rainbow Trout Plate | Hand Painted


    • To properly care for the oval Rainbow Trout Plate, we recommend wiping it with a non-abrasive cloth and mild soap. This gentle cleaning method helps remove any dirt or dust while preserving the delicate hand-painted artwork.

      It's important to avoid soaking or submerging the pottery in water. Excessive exposure to water can potentially damage the plate and affect the integrity of the artwork.

      Instead, lightly dampen a cloth with mild soapy water, gently wipe the surface of the plate, and then rinse the cloth to remove any soap residue. After cleaning, dry the plate thoroughly with a soft cloth to prevent moisture from being trapped.

      By following these care instructions, you can maintain the beauty and longevity of the oval Rainbow Trout Plate for years to come.

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