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Kricket Lane Designs' Pickleball Monogrammed Ring Dishes, are the perfect gift for any occasion or a delightful way to appreciate your team!


Our ring dishes feature a unique design inspired by the popular sport of pickleball. With a combination of playful elements and elegant style, these dishes add a touch of charm to any space. To make them truly personalized, we incorporate a monogram, meticulously applied using durable permanent vinyl.  


Our ring dishes showcase a captivating hand-painted crisscross design, adding a touch of elegance to any space. To make them truly personalized, we incorporate a monogram, applied using durable permanent vinyl. The monogram adds a unique and thoughtful touch, making these ring dishes a cherished keepsake.


Each dish is hand-painted by artist Elizabeth Harvey using food-safe, non-toxic paint. The ring dishes are then kiln-fired, creating a stunning, long-lasting finish. You can trust that these ring dishes will maintain their beauty and charm for years to come.


More than just a functional piece, our ring dishes also serve as a decorative accent. They provide a safe and stylish place to store your precious rings and trinkets, keeping them organized and within reach. Whether displayed on a vanity, nightstand, or dresser, these ring dishes add a touch of sophistication to your space.


Choose Kricket Lane Designs' Monogrammed Ring Dishes for a gift that combines elegance, personalization, and quality craftsmanship. Each dish is a testament to our commitment to creating exceptional and meaningful pieces that will be treasured for a lifetime.


  • At Kricket Lane Designs, we understand the importance of customization and personalization. If you are interested in custom colors for our Ring Dishes or any other products, we would be delighted to work with you.  Please reach out to us directly through our “Contact Us” section.

Pickleball Monogram Ring Dish | Pink or Blue | Hand Painted

Lettering Color
Paddle Color
    •  4 ¾" L x 4 ¾" L x 1"H



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