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This stunning plate features a gently sloping coupe-style rim that gracefully curves down into a flat surface at the center. Its elegant design makes it an ideal piece for creating a beautiful charcuterie tray or serving your main course at your next gathering.


Each Olive plate is hand-painted by artist, Elizabeth Harvey, ensuring a unique and artistic touch. To enhance its durability and longevity, the plate is kiln-fired, resulting in a beautiful and long-lasting finish.


The paint used in the hand-painting process is food-safe and non-toxic, making it perfectly suitable for serving food.


Experience the exquisite craftsmanship and artistic beauty of our hand-painted Olive plate, a truly special piece that will enhance your dining experience or make a memorable gift.

Metropolitan Olive Server

    • To preserve the beauty of the plate, we recommend hand-washing. Dry with a soft towel or allow it to air dry.




    • The dimensions of the Olive plate are 14 ¼ inches in length, 10 ¼ inches in width, and ¾ inch in height. 
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