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Kricket Lane's Fetch & Feast Dog Treat Jar is the perfect way to spoil your favorite tail-wagging friend!


Whether it's a special occasion, welcoming a new pet, or simply because they deserve it, this treat jar is sure to be the hit of the "Paw-ty"!


One of the standout features of our Dog Treat Jar is the ability to personalize it with your dog's name or the word "Treats" in your preferred font and color choice. This adds a delightful touch and makes the jar uniquely theirs.


Each Gift Jar includes the following components:

  • Glass Jar: The jar is made of high-quality glass and features a bamboo-sealed lid with an airtight rubber seal. This ensures that your dog's treats stay fresh and delicious for longer periods.
  • Pressureless Tennis Ball: The jar comes with a pressureless tennis ball that is designed to be long-lasting and can withstand rough play from your canine companion. It's a fun and interactive toy that will keep them entertained.
  • Grain-Free Dog Treats: We provide a selection of grain-free dog treats that are not only delicious but also meet the dietary needs of dogs with specific dietary requirements or sensitivities.
  • Personalization: As mentioned earlier, the jar can be personalized with your dog's name or "Treats" in your chosen font and color. This personalization adds a special touch and makes the jar uniquely theirs.

Spoil your furry friend with the Kricket Lane Dog Treat Jar, a perfect gift to show them how much you care. It combines functionality, personalization, and delicious treats to create a truly special experience.

Fetch & Feast Treat Jar

    • 27oz Jar
    •  6.3in H x 3.35in W
  • To ensure the longevity and quality of the personalization on the Fetch & Feast Dog Treat Jar is applied using high-quality vinyl. This vinyl is designed to be durable and withstand regular use.

    Additionally, handwashing is recommended. It is important to gently wash the jar by hand using mild soap and warm water. Avoid using abrasive scrubbers or harsh chemicals, as they may damage the vinyl personalization or the jar itself. After washing, make sure to thoroughly dry the jar before storing or using it again.


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