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Kricket Lane Designs' exclusive picture frames are the ideal choice for showcasing your cherished photos. These frames are designed to enhance the beauty of your pictures and add a touch of elegance to any space.


With the flexibility to display your photos either vertically or horizontally, these frames offer versatility to suit your preferences and accommodate a variety of photo orientations. The frames are specifically designed to hold 4x6 photos, but you can also crop your pictures smaller if you wish to allow more of the background to show through.


Each frame includes a sturdy metal easel, providing stability and ensuring that your photos remain securely displayed. The frames are crafted with luxury fabric, adding a sophisticated and refined touch to your photographs.


Kricket Lane Designs picture frames are perfect for a wide range of occasions, including weddings, new babies, graduations, birthdays, or simply capturing those special moments that hold precious memories.


One of the unique aspects of Kricket Lane Designs frames is that each piece is an original, hand-painted creation. This means that no two frames are exactly alike, making each one a truly unique and special work of art. Please note that due to the nature of the hand-painted process and pattern placement, the background of each photo may vary slightly from the product photo, adding to the uniqueness and charm of your frame.

Burlap Picture Frame with Animal Print Ribbon 9w0

  • The Kricket Lane Designs exclusive picture frame has a frame size of 11.75 inches by 11.75 inches. This measurement refers to the overall dimensions of the frame itself.


    The photo background size is 5.5 inches by 7.5 inches. This is the area within the frame where the background behind the photo will be visible. It provides a space to showcase the artwork, pattern, or design that complements your photo.


    The frame is designed to hold a 4x6 photo with an acrylic cover. This refers to the size of the actual photo that will be placed within the frame. The acrylic cover helps protect the photo and keeps it securely in place.


    These dimensions ensure that your photo fits perfectly within the frame, allowing you to display it beautifully while also providing a visually appealing background.

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